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Entertainer CRM is crafted specifically for Magician, Musician, Singer, and DJ on the award-winning Zoho CRM platform. It helps you capture lead from a variety of sources, send a predefined email with your services and pricing details, get show details captured right inside your CRM, send awesome-looking invoices and take your business to the next level.

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Lead Management

Lead capturing was never this easy for Entertainers. With the Entertainer CRM in place, you can capture and centralize all your leads. This way nothing falls through the crack!


Capture Leads from Multiple Sources

The CRM for Entertainers lets you capture leads from your websites and landing pages automatically. What’s more, you can capture leads from your social media channels and create a new lead from incoming emails. In case, you are managing your leads on spreadsheets at present, you can easily import the same into the system.

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Manage Sales Pipeline

Managing the sales pipeline is a crucial function for any business. With Entertainer CRM in place, nurturing your leads and following up with them is super easy! Here’s how you can manage your sales pipeline effectively.


Send Pricing Details Automatically

Once you have captured a lead, you can send them the pricing details automatically. You can either create a template that includes all your services and pricing plans for the same; or create separate templates for different types of services. This way, your prospects get the pricing details immediately upon submission of a contact form. Speeding up the sales cycle was never this easy!

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Send Show Details Form in One-Click

Once you’ve qualified the lead, you can capture all relevant details for the event with a simple intuitive form. You can send the form to your prospects with one click. Once your prospects submit the form, the data lands into your CRM in relevant fields. You can of course customize this form as per your requirements.

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Manage Activities Like Never Before

With Entertainer CRM in place, you can keep track of all your upcoming activities like tasks you need to complete, calls you need to make, or meetings you need to arrange. The system gives you reminders via email or pop-up or both. So, you don’t miss out on any follow-up, ever again!

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Super Easy

Show Management

Managing the show properly is supercritical for any entertainer. The Entertainer CRM lets you capture and manage all details for your shows in one place, making the entire process super easy. Here’s how!


Manage Show Details in One Place

With the CRM for Entertainers in place, you can manage every detail for a show in one place. From show dates and timing to the location details, type of show, the number of guests; you can capture and keep track of every minute detail centrally. This not only helps you keep track of your schedule, but also lets you prepare for your performance effectively.

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One Click

Invoice Generation

With Entertainer CRM in place, you can now generate beautiful invoices effortlessly and send the same to your clients in a jiffy. Let’s see how the tailored CRM system helps you generate invoices that impress!


Super Easy Invoice Generation

Invoice generation is supercritical for any business. It is no different for an entertainer. The Entertainer CRM lets you generate beautiful invoices effortlessly. The system comes with a beautiful Invoice template that pulls data from the record level and generates the PDF document that you can send via email right from the CRM itself.

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Reports and Dashboards

Want to measure the health of your business? Reports and dashboards are the perfect tools for this. Entertainer CRM lets you view your business data in the form of comprehensive reports and visual dashboards. No more guesswork!


Measure the Health of Your Business at a Glance

Entertainer CRM comes with a number of pre-built reports and dashboards that help you visualize complex data and keep track of every crucial parameter of your business. What’s more, our experts give you complete training, so that you can create any report you want in the future.

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Simple Pricing

usd inr
One Time Implementation Fee: INR 1,20,000 + Tax USD 1997
  • Entertainer CRM
  • Up to 15 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ INR 1920/hour
  • Up to 15 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ USD 32/hour
Zoho Subscription Fee
  • Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition:
    INR 2400/User/Month USD 40/User/Month
    INR 3000/User/Month USD 50/User/Month
  • OR
  • Zoho One:
    INR 3500/User/Month USD 90/User/Month
    INR 4000/User/Month USD 105/User/Month

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