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GoldenLion started its journey as a ZOHO Premium Partner. In 2016, the company started its Digital Transformation division and put together an expert team, consisting of amazing web designers, accomplished web developers, seasoned content creators and pro UI/UX experts.

Once the team was in place, GoldenLion decided to transform their online presence.

Although the previous GoldenLion website was mobile responsive, SEO optimized and feature rich, it was not quite world-class in look and feel.

So, our Digital Transformation team built a completely new website with sleek design, great content and amazing user-experience. After the new website was live, GoldenLion immediately saw great improvement in website traffic as well as lead conversion!


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We wanted to scale our business for a very long time. We had been looking for the right partner. When we first interacted with the team of GoldenLion, we realized that they have the potential to help us with it. With my personal experience I can vouch for them. And they can be a great resource for you as well.

Pritish Shroff, Partner, Graphic Enterprises
Website Developement

Working with the team at GoldenLion has been a breath of fresh air. GoldenLion understands that I am busy, and they use their experience and expertise to make my life easier, not complicate it. VdM Consulting Group receives praise for the work that GoldenLion has done for us. This is one of the rare cases where I feel that we receive very very good value for the money we spend on the services.

Adrian Van de Mosselaer, Principal, VdM Consulting Group

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